Folien Point GmbH
Kösliner Weg 24
22850 Norderstedt

Phone: +49 40 734 767 0
Fax: +49 40 734 767 30

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Directions from Autobahn A7:

  • Exit the A7 at Junction 23 (Hamburg-Schnelsen-North), turn right onto the B432 / Oldesloer Straße and follow the signs for HH-Schnelsen-Nord / Norderstedt-Süd / Hamburg Airport.
  • Continue for about 4 km and then turn left onto Ohechaussee.
  • At the intersection of Ohechausee and Niendorfer Strasse, turn left onto Niendorfer Strasse in the direction of Garstedt.
  • Continue along this road, which in Garstedt becomes Friedrichsgaber Weg.
  • Continue for about 1.5 km and then turn right onto Stettiner Strasse.
  • At the next intersection, turn left onto Kösliner Weg.
  • Straight ahead, you will see the factury premises of Folien Point GmbH.

If you are arriving by plane or train, we recommend that you take a taxi.

Ask to be taken to "Kösliner Weg in Norderstedt".