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Folien Point GmbH is a medium-sized company producing a biaxially-oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) under the brand name of TRAPALEN for more than 13 years.

 Our product is a multi-layered BOPP film which is produced of two ore more layers of thin BOPP films. The film composite is produced without any adhesives or any other additives. This ensures that our customers always receive a one-component product which is environmentally friendly and can freely be used in contact with food (certified). We are technically able to combine up to 5 this BOPP films in a single  production process. This is achieved by applying a thermo-laminating process. Due to the low specific density of polypropylene (0.91) we achieve a higher yield compared to other products with a higher density, as we can use a lower input quantity (tonnage) in order to produce a relevant amount of film (e.g. 100 qm). This is benefitting to the environment and keeps resources low.

Due to its multi-layered structure our Trapalen-Film has a remarkably high stability and is highly resistant to puncture and tearing. We supply to our customers white (opaque) or transparent films, starting with a thicknes of 60µ up to 200µ. The streatk-fee transparency is not in any way reduced by additional adhesives. At your request we supply our Trapalen-Films with a corona treatment on one or both sides. Our Trapalene-Films are suitable for deep-drawing (moulding). Due to their excellent layer strength, a relatively low film thickness already leads to moulded forms of good stability which are highly unpenetrable and  practically untearable, yet show a high degree of transparency.The more layers are contained in one film the higher wil be its resistance to perforation and tearing. Our Trapalen-Film with a thickness of 150µ was tested by a renowned German producer of machinery for deep-drawing (moulding), yielding very good results.

Using our various reel winding and cutting machinery we can supply customers with films in a range from 9mm to 580mm reels having core diameters of 76 mm or 152 mm. The amount of runnig meters per reel may be determined by our customers depending, however, on the thicknes of the film. The maximum outer diameter of a reel will be approx. 550 mm.

 Folien Point GmbH is geared to manufacture films best suited for its customers. We are used to keep delivery times to our customers as short as possible and, at request, we will maintain separate customer storage on our premises enabling costumers to draw their material "just in time".

We also cut customer films on our machinery as subcontractor.

Our factory premises and offices are located in Norderstedt near Hamburg. You can learn more about our products and use our individual customer service by contacting us under:

040 / 73 47 67 0 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.