Trapalen® - more than just film

Good ideas are often generated by thinking about how to overcome a challenge.

The challenge was to adequately present a product without giving away ideas. The idea was simple: What one layer of film cannot conquer, three or four of them can.

Implementing this idea, however, took years. A process was developed for producing premium film, and Trapalen® film was born.

Trapalen® film provides sufficient tensile strength and tear resistance, allows for an unrestricted and clear view of the product, and is also ecologically and economically superior to traditional film.

The areas of application have become quite extensive. In addition to its use in the packaging industry, Trapalen® film has, among other things, been used as transport tape, a cutting tool, OHP film and bonding material.

Can you think of any other uses?

Contact us. Every customer’s wish is a new challenge for us. And as we know, tackling challenges can lead to the best ideas.

Testing puncture resistance

TRAPALEN® is far superior to traditional film.