Trapalen® - products in all strengths

Depending on your needs we can, of course, provide you also with polypropylene film of lower thicknesses, PET film, or film composites made of different types of film.

We supply the films with exactly the reell width you desire, with 15 mm being the minimum reel width presently available. Depending on order volumes and availability of the necessary film specifications, we make every effort to supply you with your order as quickly as possible. The average delivery time for standard products is 4-6 working days.

Additionally, should you wish to have your film converted from a "large" to a "smaller" reel width, then Folien Point is the right partner for you.

Our employees have had many years of training on our machines and are, therefore, able to produce your film according to your specifications quickly and economically - always making sure to keep waste material to a minimum.

Just try us! We will be glad to provide you with an economical offer that fits your needs.