Trapalen® - A Guarantee to a Clear View

In order to ensure a high standard of reliability, the layer strength of our polypropylene film (Trapalen®) is always carefully tested prior to its delivery to our customers.

The Trapalen® and any other composite film which you may receive from us is either transparent or white (opaque). When producing the transparent film, our main focus is the transparency of the primary film which ensures streak-free quality also with 2-layer, 3-layer or 4-layer films so that their visual appearence does not resemble a multi-layered film.

We supply  our film on reels with a width you request, packaged securely for transport, tightly and evenly wrapped on a 76 mm cardboard tube core which prevents individual reels from telescoping. A corona pre-treatment on both sides with approximately 42 Dyn is our company’s standard. When products are stored, however, this value may reduce but will stabilise at approximately 38 Dyn.Our experience shows that this is sufficient to allow printing on both sides of the film, or for using bonding agents to laminate it with other materials.

Tthe film is, of course, well-suited for flat storage. In order to guarantee a good service and maximum reliability to you, we make every effort to keep the delivery times as short as possible. Upon request we can also make available temporary storage space for you, so that you can bring storage capacity in line with your  production.

Trapalen® - Transparency in every strength.

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