There is a brand for versatility: TRAPALEN®

One thing should be established from the start: The possible applications of TRAPALEN® film are unlimited. In fact, the variety of applications appears to be increasing.

Here are some examples

TRAPALEN® is ideal for us as a viewing window on collapsible cardboard box packaging. For this purpose, mechanical characteristics, such as impact and puncture resistance are extremely important. These two qualities tell a lot about how well film is able to resist mechanical strain that occurs abruptly and in specific areas.

An amorphous polyester film of 100 µm that is often used for windows on packaging has a puncture resistance of about 1450 N. With TRAPALEN® film, which is 30 percent thinner, this value is five times higher.

The high mechanical stability and the excellent range of possible treatment options make it practical to use TRAPALEN® as a cutting tool, as well, e.g., for cutting cling film.

Another example is the use of TRAPALEN® film for flat bag packaging.

The targeted use of TRAPALEN® film in products that are designed to hang on shelves with "europerforation" (e.g. hooks and the like), is a very effective way of preventing the holes from fraying or tearing.

TRAPALEN® film is suitable for every user who is looking for a polypropylene film with extremely good mechanical characteristics, and who needs something with more dimensional stability than film directly out of the extruder.

The photo and food industries have discovered that our film is even well suited for use as transport or carrier tape - which must withstand high levels of mechanical or chemical strain; and they have successfully been using it in this way for many years.

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