Trapalen® - everything a good film needs

TRAPALEN® is a multi-layered film produced from biaxially-drawn polypropylene film. Because of the excellent characteristics of the material, this film is mainly used for office applications, printing, labelling and packaging.

  • high impact resistance, shock resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance - even at variable or very low temperatures
  • physiologically safe and therefore suitable for food packaging, for example
  • very good cold resistance
  • very good steam barrier
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • resistant to many chemicals
  • one-sided corona-pre-treatment for the absorption of printing ink and adhesives
  • heat-sealable on both sides
  • antistatic

TRAPALEN® can be manufactured as requested

In contrast to traditional oPP film, TRAPALEN® can be delivered with a thickness of 75-200 my (and thicker upon request).

TRAPALEN® is more than an alternative

The production process is safe for the environment and does not involve the use of solvents or adhesives, making this polypropylene multi-layered film a modern, environmentally-friendly product with crystal-clear transparency - even with these uncommon ranges of strength and resistance.

TRAPALEN® is a "light" product

With respect to current and future disposal regulations, the low specific weight of 0.91 g/m² offers ecological as well as economical advantages.

TRAPALEN® increases the acceptance of its products

Since TRAPALEN® is a polypropylene single-material film, it can easily be recycled and labelled with the GRÜNER PUNKT (“GREEN DOT”, German symbol for recyclable material).

Trapalen’s® significantly higher puncture resistance makes it possible to replace higher µ-strengths of other film with lower µ-strength Trapalen®.

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