Trapalen® - consistently good

Folien Point further developed the original idea and design of the Hoechst AG into a marketable product.

Trapalen® film is available in transparent or opaque white varieties, with surface (corona) treatment on one or both sides. The film is valued not only for its excellent optical characteristics, but also for its superior mechanical characteristics.

Its puncture resistance is about six times higher than that of comparable cast film.

The film is resistant to low temperatures of up to -60°C and has high dimensional stability and chemical resistance.

The areas of application are many and varied, e.g. for viewing windows in collapsible cardboard boxes, base film for producing labels, thermal transfer, printing, OHP and packing film, technical tape, insulation material, the production of different types of bags, etc.

In addition, this film is physiologically safe, which also makes it suitable for uses involving food.

OPP multi-layered film: Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film is co-extruded on both sides with polyolefin-copolymers.

Dyed or metallised film is produced by adding dyed or metallised film layers into the bonding.